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Shields are designed specially for men to help you manage and control urine leakage. These incontinence pads offer protection against drops and dribbles up to larger leaks. You will find them in different shapes and absorbencies to fit your needs.

Select Incontinence Level:

Light incontinence is when you experience a small drop or gush of urine. Moderate incontinence is when you pass small or sometimes  larger gushes of urine. Heavy incontinence is when you pass larger amounts of urine and/or feces.

Select Absorbency Level:

The higher the number, the more the product absorbs. Our numbering system goes from 0 – 10.

Product Line
  1. Light Attends For Men 1
    Shields Attends For Men 1
  2. Light Attends For Men 2
    Shields Attends For Men 2
  3. Light Attends For Men 3
    Shields Attends For Men 3
  4. Moderate Attends For Men 4
    Shields Attends For Men 4
100% Breathable
For all-round Air Comfort
The breathable material enables the skin to breathe, which helps to improve comfort and skin health.
Odour Protection
Keeps you safe from unpleasant smells.